Numatic Henry Reusable Cloth Bag

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Product Description

Vacuum Cleaner Cloth Bags for:

All Henry Models
Basil, Bertie, David, Henry, Hetty,
Jack, James, Harry & Lewis
HHR200A, NV Models,
NUVAC, HVR160-11, HVR200, HVR 200-11,
HVR240-11, HVC200
​HET160-11, HET200-11
JVC200, JVC225, JVC235, JVR225,
​NVH200, HVR200A Eco, NRV200,
NRV200-11, NV200, NV250 & NVR200

Charles, Edward & George
AV380, CVC370, EVR370 GVE370, HZ360
NV300 to NV475 NVE3, NVR375 NVQ402, WV370

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