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Duraflow Synthetic Bags

Duraflow Synthetic Bags

The synthetic DURAFLOW Allergybag comprises of many layers:

  • The inner layer acts as a first filter preventing the pores from getting blocked thus providing the bag with its durability
  • The middle layers ensure the best possible level of filtration, providing a healthy environment and significantly increasing your vacuum cleaning performance
  • The outermost layer guarantees a high tear resistance, thereby protecting the inner filtration layers. The fine-pored material is ideal for vacuum cleaners and is very hygienic to use

The advantages of DURAFLOW Allergybag compared to a normal paper dust bag

UP TO 50% LONGER LIFE: The DURAFLOW Allergybag has up to 50% longer life since the dust is absorbed into the fibres without blocking the pores, this avoids a reduction in suction power. The bag, with its synthetic material, adjusts it-self perfectly to the shape of the bag compartment optimising the space available, the capacity of the bag and its lifetime. As a result, you no longer need to change dust bags so often.

MORE POWER: The fine-pored DURAFLOW material ensures optimum air flow and an even distribution of the dust which has been sucked up. It will give your cleaner more constant suction power as the dust bag fills up. DURAFLOW Allergybags, therefore provide a convincing cleaning performance over a much longer period of time.

TOP FILTRATION: The DURAFLOW material filters the air that leaves the cleaner and is recirculated back into the room. The improved filtration of the DURAFLOW material gives you a better cleaning result with less fine dust being deposited back onto furniture and floors. The DURAFLOW dust bag filters the air 40% more efficiently than a normal paper bag and helps you get rid of airborne particles such as, allergens and some bacteria. A healthier home helps you to reduce the risk of allergies in your family.

TOP RESISTANCE: This material allows you to vacuum substances normally unsuitable for paper bags such as fine dust; the DURAFLOW material will also resist sharp objects.

DISPOSABLE: DURAFLOW Allergybag should be disposed of once full. The DURAFLOW material is made of polypropylene. This material gives off nothing toxic when burnt with household waste, only water and carbon.

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