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DS2000VP - Siemens Type G Bags - Pack of 20

  • Price:£19.99
  • RRP:£29.95
    You Save:£9.96
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Product Description

Get an extra 25% Discount when you spend just £25​​

Vacuum Cleaner Bags for:

BS55, Edition 150, Green Energy
Hygienic Power VS07 G0000 - VS07 G9999, Junior 600
M 5.0 VS M5 0000 - VS M5 9999, VSM5GP1266
Power Edition Evolution VS91A16 super L 910, VS92A2001, VS92A18
Rapid VS04G0000 - VS04G9999
Super 10, 71, 100, 110, 120, 711, 715, VS7, VS50, VS52, VS58,
VS100, VS101, VS710, VS711, VS7112, VS7150, VS7231
VS69000 - VS6999, VS10000 - VS10999, VS70000 - VS71999
Super C VS60A00 - VS60A69, VSB00 - VSB69, B99
Super E VS06G0000 - VS06G9999, VS32A00 - VS33A99,
VS32B00 - VS33B99, VS70A00 - VS79A99, VS70B00 - VS79B99
Super M Junior 600, VS70C00 - VS79C99, VS70D00 - VS79D99
Super S VS42A00 - VS44A99, VS42B00 - VS44B99,
VS40000 - VS49999, VS5000 - VS59999, VS50B00 - VS59B99
VS50C00 - VS50C99, VS50D00 - VS50D99,
VS50E00 - VS50E99, VS50KA00- VS59KA99
Super XS VS50A00 - VS50A99
Synchropower VS06G000 - VS06G9999, VS06GP1266
Technopower VS07G0000 - VS07G9999
Q 4.0 Silence Power VSQ4G1400, VSQ4G1432, VSQ4G2122,
VSQ4G2130, VSQ4G2131, VSQ4G3132, VSQ4G2135
VS90A00 - VS90A99, VS320 - VS339, VS420 - VS449
Z3.0 VSZ30000 - VSZ9999,
Z4.0 VSZ40000 - VSZ49999
Z6.0 VSZ6000 - VSZ69999,
VSZ612M1, VSZ61245GB, VSZ62545,
VSZ62546, VSZ62547

Genuine Code: TYPE G, D,E,F & H

These Duraflow High-Filtration Bags can last upto 50% longer than the paper equivalent.

Bag shown may come with Plastic Collar rather than cardboard

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