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  • DS1840 - All Samsung Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Bags - 4 Pack

    Vacuum Cleaner Bags for:

    Far: VC32W-11S-100 Cyrius
    Karcher: TSC500 to 504
    V-2600/E/DE/HTE/TE V-2620/DB/DE/D/E/TE
    V-2800, V-982CE, V-982TE p300, 900E, 1000E
    Melissa: Runster, Speed
    640-037, 640-057 640-059, 740-107 Alessio 640-054, Bullit 640-019
    JCV3007, Titan JCV 3002, 640-062, Sivana JCV 3002, 640-061
    Nilfisk:A100, Action Plus,
    Compact C10 to C20, CD10 C110 to C220, GM50 GM100, GM150, GM60, Coupe
    Progress: PC3205
    (All Cylinder models)

    VP50, VP77 & VP95 Range, VC21F60JDDR, VC21YKGC UV,
    VC08F60JUVB, SC08F60JT, SC07F60, SC21F60,
    VC5000 to VC5999 VC6000 to VC6999, VC7000 to VC7999
    VC8000 to VC8999 VC9000 to VC9999 SC4000 to SC5999.
    Stardust, Cleanforce, Veloce-Eco, Supero, Digimax & Easy Ranges
    also FC/RC/TC/NC models SC21F60JD
    Severin: 7928, 7929
    Sharp: EC15P
    Powerdragon 1600,
    ​SP BSS 1600 PD

    These Duraflow High-Filtration Bags can last upto 50% longer than the paper equivalent.

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