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DBG0480 - Henry Hoover Bags - Numatic Henry Bags - 20 Value Pack

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Product Description

Vacuum Cleaner Bags for:

Numatic Vacuums:
Fits All: Basil, Bertie, David, Henry,
​Hetty, Jack, James, Harry, Lewis
& NUVAC Models

AVQ250, ​HET160-11, HET 200-11, HET200, HET200A,
HHR200, HHR200A, HRR160-11, HVA160, HVB160,
​HVB160/1, HVB160/2, HVC200, HVR160-11, HVR200,
HVR200-11, HVR200A, HVR200P, HVR200M, HVR204,
HVR204P, HVR200T, HVR240-11, HVT160, HVX200, HVX200A,
HZQ200, HZQ250, JVC200, JVC225, JVC235,
JVH180, JVP180, JVP180A, JVR225, MFQ300,
NB200, NNV200, NNV204, NRV200, NRV200-11,
NRV204, NRV200T, NSP180A, NSP200A, NSR200A,
NST220A, NQS200, NQS200T, NV200, NVH180, NBV190NX
NVH200, NVP180, NVP200, NVR200, NVQ200,
NV250, NVQ202, NVQ204, NVQ200T, NVQ250,
NVQ250B, NVQ252, NVQ254, NVQ250T, NVR200, PET200-11
PSP180A, PSP200A, PVR200A, PVT220A, RSAV130,
RSAV200, RSV130, RSV130M, RSV130P, RSV134,
RSV123P, RSV130T, RSV200, RSV200P, RSV200M,
RSV204, RSV204P, RSV200T VNP180, VNR200

Henry Reach
Henry Cordless
​Henry Allergy

Value 20 Pack

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