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DS1803 - Hoover Freespace Vacuum Cleaner Bags - 4 Pack

  • Price:£5.99
  • RRP:£7.99
    You Save:£2.00
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Product Description

Vacuum Cleaner Bags for:

Freespace, HV5206XP1,
TCPW1450 Whirlwind, TCPW2000,
TCPW2010 Whirlwind, TCP2011
TF1900, TF4195 001, TF5192, TFB5183
TFC1900, TFC2000, TFC3185, TFC6207
TFS5100 to TFS5187, TFS5192 001,
TFS5196, TFS5197, TFS5200 to TFS5207
TFS5206 001, TFS5208 011, TFS5209 001,
TFS7186, TFS7207, TFV2015
TW1570, TW1600, TW1650,
TW1680, TW1750, TW1780
Sprint - TW1545, TW1550,
TW1650, TW1750
‚ÄčCapture -
BV71, BV71_CP1, BV71CP10, BV71CP20, BV71_CP2
CP71, CP01001, CP71CP01

Genuine code: H63, H58, H64

These Duraflow High-Filtration Bags can last upto 50% longer than the paper equivalent.

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