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DS1800 - Electrolux 'S' Vacuum Cleaner Bags - 5 Pack

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  • RRP:£7.99
    You Save:£2.00
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Product Description

Vacuum Cleaner Bags for:

Airmax, Bolido, Clario, Clario 2, EasyGo, Ergospace, Essensio,
Excellio, Green, Ikea, Jet Maxx, Maximus, Mondo+ ,
Oxy3, Oxygen, SmartVac, Superpro, Ultra One,
​Ultra-Silencer, Viva Control, Viva Quickstop
All XXL Models
Z1900 to Z2095
Z3300 to Z3395
(not powerplus models)
Z4500 to Z4595
Z5000 to Z7549
Z8800 to Z8899, ZG8800
Zam6100 to Zam6271
ZE310 to ZE361
ZE2200 to ZE2299
ZEG300, ZEG301, ZEG320
ZEO5400 to ZEO5499
ZJG6800 to ZJG6899
ZJM6800 to ZJM6899
ZO6300 to ZO6399
ZP3503 to ZP3530, ZPFPARKETT
ZT7740, ZUSG3000, ZUS3383, ZUS3392,
ZUS3920 to ZUS3990, ZUGS3000, ZUGS3900, ZUS3901
ZV1010, ZV1050, EEG41CB
ZVQ2100 to ZVQ2103

Genuine Code: E200, E200B, E201, E202, E203, E205 & E206

These Duraflow High-Filtration Bags can last upto 50% longer than the paper equivalent.

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